Whitehall® Manufacturing Celebrates 70 Years in Business

Whitehall Mfg 70 years2016 marks Whitehall Manufacturing’s 70th year in business. The company was founded in 1946 by Sal Zaita. Originally based in New Jersey, Whitehall was a key manufacturer of whirlpools designed to treat injured soldiers after World War II. Many of Zaita’s original designs are still manufactured today, a true testament to the quality and durability of the product and its design.

Whitehall was acquired by Acorn Engineering Company® in 1986 and the operation was moved to City of Industry, CA. In 1987, the company introduced the Scrubware® line of surgical scrub sinks and Thermalator® moist heat therapy products. From there, the company acquired other companies and expanded its product lines, including Thermo-Therapy™ dry heat therapy products, Dickson™ splint pans, and BestCare® anti-ligature products.

Today, with the support of our parent company, Morris Group International®, Whitehall celebrates 70 years of business in healthcare and rehabilitation. From our roots in New Jersey to modern growth and strong acquisitions, Whitehall continues to grow, expand and adapt to meet the changing needs of healthcare providers.