Athletic Training Supplies & Sports Rehab Equipment

  • Hydrotherapy Whirlpools (Mobile and Stationary)
  • HydroChlor®
  • Thermalators
  • Thermal Packs (hot packs) & Covers
  • cleatPRO®


S-models athletic training stationary whirlpools
M-models athletic training mobile whirlpools
Cold Tanks athletic training ice baths


Whitehall Whirlpools help treat sports injuries, prevent muscle spasms and speed recovery time by effectively improving blood circulation through blood vessel dilation and by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to access major organs and potential injured areas. The high-pressure massage provided by the turbine relaxes joints and muscles. The turbine may be applied directly to injured areas via the attached hose.

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Equipment to prevent sports injuries


HydroChlor® Whirlpool Antiseptic, when combined with proper cleaning and routine maintenance, is a quick and efficient method for sanitizing your whirlpool.

Simply drain and clean your whirlpool with a hard surface disinfectant per instructions. Fill whirlpool with water and add HydroChlor®. Power on the turbine to agitate for 2-3 minutes.

In addition to proper cleaning, HydroChlor® leaves your whirlpool sanitary for use.

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HydroChlor whirlpool antiseptic


Thermalator heat therapy units

Whitehall Thermalator® Heat Therapy Units maintain a constant temperature and come standard with exposed heating elements to heat Thermal Packs used for treating injured areas of the body. Thermalators provide for comfortable and effective heat therapy, are easy to clean and safe to use. The tank body, lid, coved bottom and housing are constructed of type 304 stainless steel for years of trouble-free use.

Thermalator Units are offered in sizes that accommodate 4, 6, 8 or 12 Thermal Packs. 8 Pack Thermalator Unit is available in mobile and stationary models.

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THERMAL PACKS (hot packs) & Terry Covers

Whitehall Thermalator® Heat Therapy Units store and heat Thermal Packs at a consistent temperature. Heated Thermal Packs are then applied to affected or injured areas, penetrating heat deep into the muscle to provide therapeutic circulation and pain relief.

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Thermal hot and cold packs
* Thermal Pack shown with a Terrycloth cover



cleatPRO® Units are revolutionary for athletes by providing a truly personalized fit for cleats and gloves. These units contain exposed heating elements that heat water in the enclosed tank, shaping cleats and gloves while they hang on the interior cleatPRO rack.

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cleatePRO cleat steaming device

cleatePRO glove and cleat steaming units

Shaping time ranges between 2 – 30 minutes, based on athlete preference. cleatPRO® can be used to contour the fit of new cleats and gloves, as well as for daily shaping of pre-worn cleats and gloves.

glove and cleat steaming devices glove and cleat shaping devices

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