Alison Leonard, AIA EDAC on Behavioral Healthcare Design

by AdminMarch 19, 2020
Alison Leonard of The Beck Group discusses the importance of design and taking the fear and negativity out of behavioral healthcare in order to create places of hope and transformation. [More]

Working Together to Complete Your Healthcare Plumbing Needs

by ramsesAugust 12, 2019
Download Working Together to Complete Your Healthcare Plumbing Needs. Morris Group International includes 25 divisions and partnerships and 9 location... [More]

The Two Biggest Ligature-Resistant Retrofit and Construction Challenges Every Healthcare Provider Needs to Know

by JRSBlogWriterMay 13, 2019
Did you know that your average bathroom contains 14 ligature points? Healthcare providers need to know how to overcome two major challenges they face when undertaking a new construction or retrofit project in order to comply with the Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies. Read this to help ensure a successful project by avoiding costly mistakes.[More]

The Growing Need for Ligature-Resistant Products In Some Unexpected Places

by JRSBlogWriterMay 13, 2019
It's not just behavioral healthcare providers who need ligature-resistant products to comply with the Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies. If your facility interacts with potentially at-risk people, have a conversation about the steps you can take to make your patients or students safer. [More]

BestCare and the Importance of Universal Design in Healthcare Environments

by JRSBlogWriterMay 7, 2019
Most healthcare facilities have a room or two they have set up with ligature-resistant furnishings and fixtures to comply with the Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies. However, at Whitehall, we believe that Universal Design is the future of healthcare environments. Read more to find out why designing patient rooms to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of their mental state and abilities, is a healthcare best practice. [More]

Does This New Study Have Major Implication for Infection Control?

by JRSBlogWriterMarch 28, 2019
New research finds a high prevalence of KPC in hospital sink drains. When it comes to reducing hospital acquired infections (HAIs), the decisions you make when choosing fixtures for your facility can have an impact. [More]

The Need for Healthcare Design with Bariatric Patients in Mind

by JRSBlogWriterOctober 16, 2018
The CDC reports that more than one third (38.9%) of U.S. adults are obese. Healthcare providers are apt to interact with a relatively higher percentage of obese patients due to related conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, driving them to seek treatment. Read this article to discover simple ways to prepare your healthcare facility with bariatric patient safety in mind. [More]

Can Sink Design Play a Role in the Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections?

by JRSBlogWriterAugust 17, 2018
HAIs are a devastating and costly problem for hospitals. Read to find out how a hospital in Toronto pinpointed the source of an infection outbreak and how Whitehall Manufacturing is helping others prevent the same situation. See how design can play a role in reducing the spread of Hospital-Acquired Infections or as they are sometimes called, Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). [More]

Three Important Healthcare Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

by JRSBlogWriterApril 4, 2018
The following three healthcare design trends have been around for some time now, however we now have the data to back up the efficacy of these trends. Manufacturers are also on board and now provide products that are not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. What was once an ideal, is now a reality. [More]

Advances in ADA Design for Healthcare

by JRSBlogWriterDecember 13, 2017
Some healthcare facilities are leading the way and are striving to meet the needs of all patients to offer not only healthy and safe spaces, but inclusive spaces as well. Recent advances in plumbing design, especially with universal and ADA bathroom design, are helping those facilities meet their goals.[More]