Case Study: Baylor University Medical Center

Open cabinet to allow for efficient mopping of the floor

Project Architect: Perkins+Will, Wesley Bowen, RA

CBRE | Baylor Health Care System: Michael R. Staten RA| Director, Project Management

Engineer: SW Associates Consulting Engineers: Carlos Saavedra, Senior Associate

Baylor University Medical Center: Gail Maxwell, VP Administration

Objective: Design and manufacture a custom patient care unit that addresses all of the concerns with the hospital including infection prevention and aesthetics.

Graphic of building layout with its unique design.Baylor University Medical Center needed 24 Care Ware Units as part of their medical center renovations. The layout of the building was unique, and the architect wanted to preserve that. Every room would be singular in its design, which meant every Care Ware Unit would need to be built to fit. 

However, before even one of the units were custom designed and built, everyone involved had an opportunity to give their input. Instead of sitting around a conference table and looking at brochures, Whitehall took their mobile showroom to Baylor.

Steve McIntosh, Healthcare Specialist at Whitehall Manufacturing, explained, “We like to meet with everyone involved to give their input, so they end up with a unit they want instead of one selected for them.

The architect, interior designer, project manager, engineer, as well as the VP of administration, facilities maintenance, infection prevention, and environmental services from Baylor all piled into the mobile showroom for some hands-on interaction with a model Care Ware Unit. But that was not where the interaction and input ended.

While the building was still under construction, a mockup unit was delivered and placed in one of the intended rooms. That gave clinicians and the people responsible for installing the units a chance to get a feel for the unit in a more realistic setting.

That mockup trial run provided valuable information. For example, Care Ware Units usually are built with a panel that covers the bottom. In Baylor’s case, they wanted the flooring to run straight through so that facilities maintenance could easily mop right inside the cabinet.

With all that valuable feedback in hand, 24 Care Ware Units, as unique as the building itself, were designed, built, and shipped to the site. Six of those units would measure 48 inches long, while 18 measured 84 inches long, each with a different configuration.