chiropractic equipment

  • Thermalators
  • Thermal Packs (hot packs) & Covers
  • Chiller Units & Cold Packs
  • Bottle Warmers


Thermalator® Heat Therapy Units

Whitehall Thermalator® Heat Therapy Units maintain a constant temperature and come standard with exposed heating elements to heat Thermal Packs used for treating injured areas of the body. Thermalators provide for comfortable and effective heat therapy, are easy to clean and safe to use. The tank body, lid, coved bottom and housing are constructed of type 304 stainless steel for years of trouble-free use.

Thermalator Units are offered in sizes that accommodate 4, 6, 8 or 12 Thermal Packs. 8 Pack Thermalator Unit is available in mobile and stationary models.

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THERMAL PACKS (hot packs) & Terry Covers

Whitehall Thermalator® Heat Therapy Units store and heat Thermal Packs at a consistent temperature. Heated Thermal Packs are then applied to affected or injured areas, penetrating heat deep into the muscle to provide therapeutic circulation and pain relief.

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Thermal hot pack and terry cloth cover
* Thermal Pack shown with a Terrycloth cover


Chiller Units for Ice Packs

Whitehall® Glacier Packs, regulated to a proper cold temperature by Glacier Freeze Chilling units, are applied to the body for fast and effective cold therapy. Cold application is thought to create a muscle guarding effect that constricts damaged tissue and prevents further damage. Cold temperatures also result in vasoconstriction which narrows blood vessels and reduces swelling.

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Whitehall bottle warmers & heating units keep ultrasonic gels and creams just above body temperature and allow for comfortable application. The –SBW option requires zero energy by simply affixing to the front of Thermalator units and absorbing excess radiated heat to warm up creams and lotions.

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Bottle Warmers for Chiropractor Offices

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