Introducing the New CleatPRO® Cleat Steamer


The cleatPRO unit contains an exposed heating element that heats water in an enclosed tank.

The enclosed tank steams cleats while they hang on the interior cleatPRO rack inside the enclosed tank.

Steaming time ranges between 2 – 30 minutes based on athlete’s preference. cleatPRO can be used to steam and contour the fit of new unworn cleats, as well as for daily steaming of pre-worn cleats.

Water Level & Temperature: The water level must be filled enough to cover the heating element, at a minimum to the level of the base of the cleatPRO interior hanging rack. The exact volume can vary depending on the size of the cleats in the unit. The higher the level of water above the base of the rack limits the size of cleat able to hang on the rack without touching the heated water. The temperature of cleatPRO units can vary based on level of heat and steaming desired. The adjustable thermostat located on the back of the unit allows the user to alter the heating temperature between room temperature and 175°F (79°C). Units are pre-set to 165°F (74°C) which is the recommended temperature.

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