Elmdor's ED/EDI Series Exterior Door

ED SeriesDo you have an exterior application? You now have choices.

We have offered the ED series for a few years, but recently we’ve added the EDI series.

The ED Exterior Door is provided in 16 gage galvannealed steel with a prime coat white finish and includes 1” thick foam insulation on the interior of the door. A neoprene gasket and standard cylinder lock are provided. The cylinder lock features the option of knurled knob or keyed operation allowing for situations where the end user prefers ease of entry. The gasket and insulation manifest resistance to water and vapor, making this a great choice for exterior installations.

EDI SeriesThe EDI Exterior Door comes with all of the same features, however the lock is operated from both the exterior and interior, providing an option for applications that require the ability to operate the door from the interior. This door is not available with a locking option.

As we continue to partner with our representatives, we listen and react to the evolving access door needs in the industry. We appreciate this partnership and welcome any feedback regarding our products which will provide you with relevant options to your markets.