70 Years Of Quality And Commitment!

Sal Zaita founded Whitehall Manufacturing in 1946. Originally based in New Jersey, Whitehall was a key manufacturer of whirlpools designed to treat injured soldiers after World War II. Many of Zaita’s original designs are still manufactured today, a true testament to the quality and durability of the product and its design.

In 1986, Acorn Engineering Company acquired Whitehall. Now a family company of Morris Group International, Whitehall’s operations were relocated to City of Industry, CA, where they remain today. Whitehall then acquired Acorn’s Care-Ware line of patient care units. The patient care unit is a revolutionary product that incorporates a toilet, washbasin, countertop and cabinets into one unit, perfect for any healthcare facility. Since then, Whitehall has attained and established a myriad of healthcare and rehabilitation product lines. Since the company’s inception, Whitehall’s growth and innovation has continued to soar.

A year later, in 1987,Whitehall developed and introduced Scrub-Ware, a line of stainless steel surgical scrub sinks ideal for pre-op scrub ups. The Scrub-Ware line has since flourished, and now includes standard, compact and ADA-compliant scrub sink models. Later that year, Whitehall’s exciting line of Thermalator® stainless steel moist heat therapy products was introduced.


In 2008, Whitehall Manufacturing acquired Thermo Electric and added more products to its arsenal. These products include Dakon whirlpools, Thermo-Therapy dry heat therapy products and Dickson splint pans.

In 2013, Whitehall introduced its most innovative healthcare line to date: BestCare™ ligature resistant products. BestCare products are constructed for behavioral healthcare environments and increase patient safety tenfold. BestCare plumbing fixtures and restroom accessories promote and enhance patient wellbeing in behavioral healthcare facilities without looking institutional. Instead, BestCare products are constructed of only our finest materials to enhance the patient’s visual surroundings, as well as their overall safety.

In 2016, we are excited to announce 70 strong years of business in the healthcare marketplace! Whitehall’s newest success includes our collaboration with AcornVac, an industry leader in vacuum plumbing systems. Together, Whitehall and AcornVac offer the ultimate healthcare solution: sleek and durable plumbing products integrated with sanitary and non-invasive vacuum plumbing.

From our roots in New Jersey to modern growth and strong acquisitions, Whitehall continues to grow, expand and adapt to meet various customer specifications. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to reach the healthcare and rehabilitation markets, while providing diverse product lines to meet the changing needs of healthcare providers.