Healthcare PCU


Whitehall Manufacturing has been making quality products for hospitals for over 30 years. In 1976 we introduced the first patient care units, combining lavatories and toilets in a cabinet that could be placed at the patient’s bedside.

In 1987, Whitehall expanded its line of healthcare products to include single- and multi-station scrub sinks. Today, we continue to expand our product offerings to meet the changing needs of healthcare facilities. Whitehall Manufacturing combines products that are designed to meet the needs of hospitals with plumbing know-how.

In addition, we customize our products so that the style and function meet the needs of the application, the users, and the facility. This combination of product design, plumbing expertise, and customization makes our company uniquely qualified to provide superior products and service to the healthcare market.

Whitehall healthcare products include:


Nearly 1,800 suicides occur in hospitals each year. One of the many steps hospitals and other healthcare facilities can take to prevent inpatient suicide is improving the safety of the patient’s surrounding environment.


The BestCare® line consists of:

  • Restroom fixtures
  • Accessories
  • Ligatures Safety Products

Ligature safety products are specially designed to prevent attachment of ligatures for the safety of at-risk patients in hospitals, behavioral health centers, memory care centers, psychiatric wards and other healthcare facilities. While Whitehall’s BestCare line is constructed from durable stainless steel, its look is closer to that of traditional plumbing fixtures, offering an environment that is less institutional and better designed for patient comfort.


Hospital-acquired infections are responsible for a number of undesirable outcomes, including increased time in the hospital, a higher instance of additional complications and a higher mortality rate. There are a number of measures shown to dramatically reduce the occurrence of hospital-acquired infections one of which is improving healthcare workers’ compliance with hand washing protocols. Whitehall Manufacturing’s line of scrub sinks and infectious control sinks can assist medical professionals with proper hand washing to prevent hospital-acquired infections. Scrub sinks can be outfitted with a number of options including digital time display, sensor operation and an optional instantaneous water heater; ADA scrub sinks are available.


Infectious Control Sinks have a number of features to keep the fixture sanitary:

  • Including construction from a special material with antimicrobial additive
  • And a design that helps to discourage bacteria growth.


Whitehall offers a space-saving solution in areas where space is at a premium. The units include a lavatory and toilet in a compact cabinet; many models include the ability to conceal the toilet when it is not in use. Reducing the spread of bacteria is a must in the hospital environment. Whitehall’s Patient Care Units have features that can reduce the spread of bacteria, keeping hospital rooms safer for patients.


All of our patient care units now come with cast resin counters that have a special anti-microbial additive.

  • The resin counters can be used with lighting as a night-light or for viewing x-rays.
  • We are adding new features that will enhance infection control efforts, including a special flush mechanism that only operates when the toilet lid is closed, preventing the splash and water mist that result from flushing.
  • Space-saving features mean that they can be placed closer to the patient for ease-of-use and convenience of recovering patients.
  • Optional bedpan washer and dialysis boxes, patient care units can also offer convenience for hospital staff.
  • Patient Care Units can be customized to match the surrounding décor.


Healthcare construction is increasingly keeping the needs of the bariatric population in mind. Given that the bariatric population is expected to increase in the future, designers must consider how these individuals access healthcare facilities. Whitehall manufactures a line of stainless steel bariatric toilets intended to support up to 2,300 lbs. with no measurable deflection.


These products can be specified as:

  • Standalone units or can be included with some patient care units.
  • Can be powder coated a white color for a more pleasing appearance.
  • We can put an anti-microbial additive into the powder coating as an option for added infection control.
  • Stainless steel is one of the most sanitary materials available and is considered superior to vitreous china because it cannot develop cracks, chips or crevices that can collect bacteria.


The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases reports that 400,000 individuals rely on the life-saving benefits of dialysis each year. Dialysis boxes can be subject to harsh and corrosive conditions, depending on the type of fluids used.


Whitehall’s dialysis boxes are constructed from:

  • Stainless steel
  • With stainless steel valve connections.

Using this material results in a box that holds up to the demands of hospitals and dialysis centers. Whitehall’s dialysis boxes can be customized for the needs of your machines and facilities with a variety of available options.