Introducing the BestCare®
Ligature-Resistant Vinyl Floor Drain

LR Drain

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA –March 19, 2019 – Whitehall Manufacturing® is proud to announce the newest addition to the BestCare® line of ligature-resistant healthcare products: the BestCare Vinyl Floor Drain!

Designed with an internal gusset system in the grate assembly that helps prevent ligature points, the BestCare Vinyl Floor Drain is a great solution for high foot traffic areas and is recommended for use in behavioral healthcare patient bathrooms and other areas where foot traffic is expected. The round top grate head is designed for clamping vinyl flooring or other waterproof material at the finished floor level.

The BestCare Vinyl Floor Drain is one of many ligature-resistant floor drains offered in the BestCare line, which also includes square and round drains, as well as trench trains.

Protect your patients and your facility today with the full line of BestCare Floor Drains.