Ligature-Resistant Drain for Vinyl Floor
Ligature-Resistant Drain for Vinyl FloorLigature-Resistant Drain for Vinyl Floor
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Ligature-Resistant Drain for Vinyl Floor

Model Number:  WHFDV-6RD-2NH

WHFDV-6RD-2NH drain is provided with a ligature and vandal resistant grate. It is also provided with a Strainer Head Assembly designed for clamping Vinyl Flooring.

  • Ligature-resistant floor drain is designed with an internal gusset system in the grate assembly that helps prevent ligature points
  • Recommended for use in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where foot traffic is expected
  • The round top grate head is designed for clamping vinyl flooring or other waterproof material at the finish floor level
  • Reversible 4” flashing collar permits adjustment of grate to meet finished floor level
Product Function:

The drain is designed to meet the needs for ligature resistance. Recommended for vinyl floor use in bathrooms kitchens and other area where foot traffic is expected.

This product is designed to decrease the probability that it may be utilized as an apparatus for ligature.It is not a replacement for professionals who are trained in the proper evaluation, management and supervision of persons at risk of suicide.

Regularly Furnished:
The provided Grate Assembly is designed with an internal gusset system which helps prevent ligature points. The round top Strainer Head is designed specifically for clamping Vinyl Flooring or other waterproof material at the finish floor level. Reversible 4” (101.6 mm) Flashing collar permits adjustment of Strainer to meet finished floor level.
Product Details
  • Brand:  BestCare®
  • Material:  Stainless Steel , Cast Iron
  • Patent:  Pending
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Submittal WHFDV-6RD-2NH Drain (pdf)Ligature Resistant 6" (152 mm) Drain for Vinyl Floor with 2" No-Hub, Strainer and Grate 600 KBDownload