The Launch of the New Behavioral & Mental Health Toolbox

A library of expert insights, case studies, research data, strategies and tools

behavioral toolboxConcord, CA - The Center for Health Design has launched a portion of the new Topic Toolbox, titled “Behavioral & Mental Health”. Each toolbox contains a library of newly-created and Center staff-curated content - research findings, expert insights, strategies, tools, and other useful resources connecting the built environment to better health outcomes and reduced cost of care. Typically, a portion of each of our Topic Toolboxes is free and open to all, while Affiliate+ members have access to the complete toolbox. The Center is happy to announce, in partnership with architecture+, Stance Healthcare and Whitehall Manufacturing, the publication of all behavioral & mental health materials produced for this toolbox are available and free to all until March, 2019.
Behavioral and mental health (BMH) conditions affect one of five adults in the U.S. each year, and are even more common among patients receiving care for medical conditions. Up to 45% of patients admitted to the hospital for a medical condition or presenting to the emergency department with a minor injury also have a concurrent BMH condition. These BMH comorbidities increase the risk of psychological harm associated with care. Providing these patients with a healing, therapeutic environment should be an important goal for health design. Design interventions aimed at improving the psychological well-being of patients with BMH comorbidities may be more cost-effective than they initially appear, because they can be leveraged to support improved well-being for other populations as well, including other patients, staff, and visitors. The Center has created this toolbox to assist healthcare organizations, designers, suppliers and others involved in the planning, design, construction and operation of emergency departments with pertinent tools including;

  • A Deep Dive Issue Brief
  • An Executive Summary for quick reference of key points
  • Four Written Interviews
  • Three Video Interviews
  • One Project Brief
  • A Tool - "Design for Behavioral and Mental Health: A Universal Approach & Benefit Analysis"
  • Eight online webinars
  • Three EDAC Advocate Firm Projects

"We are pleased to announce our partnership with architecture+, Stance Healthcare and Whitehall Manufacturing has allowed us to create, produce and offer the Behavioral & Mental Health toolbox free to the entire industry. As we face the many challenges presented by behavioral and mental health facility needs, architects and designers are being asked to understand and address the safety challenges faced by these facilities", stated Debra Levin, EDAC, President and CEO, The Center for Health Design. "This toolbox is another way for us to empower both our members and our community with research, education and resources to help facility designers and medical professionals understand and implement the best possible solutions to the challenges and opportunities brought about by this rapidly growing need.”
To access the complete toolbox now, click here.

Want to work with behavioral health strategic facility design industry leaders on the forefront of today’s most promising design innovations and facility-based solutions? Be sure to join us in Baltimore, September 27 for the second annual Behavioral Health Strategic Facility Design Innovations Workshop. More details here.

About architecture+:
is internationally known as innovators in psychiatric facility planning and design. Their thirty years of experience with every patient cohort, diagnosis, and setting allows them to focus immediately on addressing the unique needs and goals of each client. For more information, visit
About Stance Healthcare:
Founded in 2006, Stance Healthcare manufactures furniture for healing environments, with a particular focus on hospitals and behavioral health facilities. Stance Healthcare has a reputation for providing high quality products that meet the ever-evolving demands in the areas of design, comfort, safety, durability, renewability, infection control and environmental sustainability. With a strong understanding of patient-centered design, Stance Healthcare is committed to providing innovative furniture solutions that support the healing process. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information on Stance Healthcare.
About Whitehall Manufacturing:
Whitehall Manufacturing provides the health care and rehabilitation industries with in-room patient care units and toilets, surgical scrub sinks, and physical therapy/sports medicine products that are unsurpassed in quality, function and durability. For more information, visit