Infection Control Sinks

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Blanco (white) non-porous solid surface sinks with SteriTouch® anti-microbial protection, deep integral sloping, daisy pattern strainer with grid strainer elbow. Standard and ADA sinks are available.

Whitehall’s Infection Prevention sink features:

  • Everlasting SteriTouch® antimicrobial additive permanently embedded into solid surface material, which inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria
  • Variety of options, including ADA, sensor operated faucet, foot pedals, and wrist blade handles (option will need to be specified)
  • 1.5 GPM laminar flow restrictor eliminates aeration and increases water savings by up to 90% when compared to plumbing fixtures with aerators
  • Easy to clean, cast solid-surface material
  • Internal slope that defuses water flow, minimizing splash from faucet and drain backsplash
  • Front contour, which fits torso contour during hand washing
  • Hygienic, hands free option
  • Plain faucet end to discourage debris collection
  • Off-center drain reduces the likelihood bacteria from the drain will be introduced into the basin via splashing
  • Optional, easy to install SteriTouch solid surface trap cover
  • Sink has a sealed overflow so water cannot pool in an open space