Roof Access Hatches

Access The Sky!

Elmdor Stoneman’s Roof Access Hatches are the solution for all commercial applications requiring convenient access to the roofs of buildings.

Roof Access Hatches are constructed of high-grade galvanized steel and feature an automatic arm that holds open the hatch during use. These hatches are corrosion resistant and are designed to remain durable and seal tightly to keep out the elements, providing years of trouble-free use.

Our RAH Series Roof Access Hatches are manufactured with the end user in mind, designed for simple installation over the roof opening and secured from the base flange of the roof. The hatches come in a variety of sizes, as well as custom sizes, and are adaptable to all roof applications.

Red Grey Roof Hatch

Custom colors and sizes available upon request.

E-2436-RAH-W roof access hatch with fiber board insulation

Wood fiber board insulation frame locks out the elements.

Grey Roof Hatch

Hatch door opens full on release with one-point locking mechanism.

E-2436-RAH-W Steel Handle Roof Access Hatch

Robust steel welded handle prevents leaks.

E-2436-RAH-W Roof Access Hatch

E-2436-RAH-W Elmdor Roof Access Hatch

Learn more about the RAH Series here.

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