Whitehall Releases
New Solid Surface Repair Instruction Video

Whitehall Manufacturing is happy to announce the release of a new video instructing the repair of solid surface material and cast solid surface products.

Our cast solid surface material is a bio-based soy polyester and acrylic resin that can be shaped into any size or configuration, perfect for all healthcare applications. We have the ability to design and manufacture our own molds into any unique design request, providing seamless custom projects and highly customizable pieces. Solid surface is also available with a Steri-Touch additive that reduces the growth of harmful bacteria, an added benefit for healthcare facilities.

Solid surface material lasts for years, but occasionally may develop minor wear and tear issues. Scratches, tarnishes, cigarette burns and unsavory marks are the most common forms of damage to cast solid surface products. However, Whitehall solid surface material is easily repairable, providing consistent color throughout for a look and durability that will last for years to come.

Whitehall cast solid surface products boast excellent shock performance and Class A burn test results. Each of our solid surface items, including Infection Prevention Sinks, ligature resistant solid surface basins, Corterra countertops and PAT washbasins contains post-consumer recycled material and rapidly renewable materials. With cast solid surface, we aim for a sleek and sanitary alternative to typical healthcare products

For details on repairing minor damage to cast solid surface material and products, watch the video here!