Whitehall Scrub Sink with Soap

Stainless Steel Scrub Sink with Soap Flushing System

Whitehall’s surgical scrub sinks are constructed of durable 16-gauge stainless steel, seamlessly welded to minimize the accumulation of bacteria. Available in one-, two-, or three-station configurations, they feature knee panel operation (sensor-activated faucet available), a front access panel designed for easy maintenance, and an offset drain for further protection against bacterial spread.

A multitude of options are available, like the popular Soap Flushing System (#4100 series only) that keeps the dispensing lines and reservoir clear of build-up. In the past, the nozzle had to be cleared by pumping hot water through the soap dispensing system by repeatedly pushing in on the “SOAP” panel.

Now, with the new Soap Flushing System (-SFS) option, clearing the soap nozzle and reservoir is as simple as opening a ball valve! Hot water flushes the entire system in seconds, making regular preventative maintenance a breeze.

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