Swivette – The Patient Care Unit That Works For Architects, Designers and Health Care Workers

Swivette Patient Unit with blue resin countertopHospital design has certainly gotten a lot more interesting during the past decade. Architects have more room for creativity due to a focus on improving patient outcomes through evidence-based design.

What patient wouldn’t want to stay in a room that looks more like an upscale hotel due to the use of color, texture and lighting?

If only it was that easy.

Architects who design hospitals are expected to create a less stressful environment but also one that is efficient, one able to accommodate rapid changes in technology, and one that is safe.

We took that into consideration when designing our Patient Care Unit (PCU) with a pivoting toilet (Swivette). There are certain pieces of furniture, like the Patient Care Unit, you need in a hospital room that must meet the requirements of efficiency and safety. But we also feel there is no reason why they need to look clinical.

We’ve combined the high-art look of our Neo-Metro brand sinks, with the safety and reliability of our Whitehall brand, for our Swivette and other Patient Care Units.

Why Architects/Designers Love the Swivette

  • It doesn’t take up a lot of room – The Swivette is a sink, countertop, toilet, bad pan washer and even dialysis unit all rolled into one. When the panel doors are closed it looks like an attractive piece of furniture. It does not look like scary medical equipment.
  • The Swivette is customizable – Home designers have choices in countertops why not hospitals? The Swivette comes with your choice of stainless steel countertop, cast resin with a marine edge (available in a rainbow of colors and can even match your PMS color) and a variety of solid surface materials.  In addition to be customizable with counter tops, the sizing of the unit, plumbing connenctions (for retrofit purposes), an other options are all customizable. Whitehall will build what the architect/designer requests.
  • The Swivette holds up to heavy use – Panels are made from polyethylene so they are scratch resistant and they will not split, rot or crack as they would with traditional wood cabinetry.  In the addition, the polyetheyne panels can be ordered with an anti-microbial shield imbedded in the material. 
  • Powder coated toilet/cabinets – You get all the strength and durability benefits of our stainless steel toilet, but with our powder coat you can decide the look.  As an option, SureShield anti-microbial powedercoating can be used for further infection prevention. 

You’re not just designing for aesthetics though are you? While the environment certainly may help a patient heal, functionality and safety is always the most important consideration to your client. The Swivette is the only unit of its kind approved by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD).

Why Healthcare Facilities Love the Swivette

The Swivette toilet is built to hold up to 1000 pounds and has a pivot mechanism that is built to last.  Whitehall has various viedos and other supporting documentation on the durability of the mechanism they have been manufacturing for over 30 years.

  • Infection control flush system – The toilet does not flush until you close the cabinet door reducing spray back that can spread germs and infection. Adding a vacuum plumbing system will control infection even more.
  • Anti-microbial panels – those polyethylene panels don’t just hold up well and come in a variety of colors; they are also anti-microbial assisting with the reduction of infection.
  • Dialysis boxes – the unit can be fitted with a dialysis box featuring stainless steel valves behind one of the panel doors.

Imagine you are designing patient rooms in a children’s hospital. Without dedicating much space, you can have an attractive, functional and safe Patient Care Unit. Top it with a resin counter in soothing tones or even bold bright colors to add some fun. LED lights could be installed under the countertop giving off a soft ambient light to keep children company at night.

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