Whitehall Introduces Compact ADA Wash-Up Sink

May 15, 2020 -- CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA -- Whitehall® has introduced a Compact ADA Wash-Up Sink with a unique design for pharmaceutical facilities, medical buildings, laboratories, and hospitals. The sink can meet USP 800 requirements for compounding pharmacies with the addition of an optional anti-microbial eye/face wash, which reduces the risks of occupational exposure to hazardous drugs.

The Compact ADA Wash-Up Sink is offered in one, two or three station models and has many features for healthcare applications, including 16 gage stainless steel construction, an offset drain, a sloping bottom surface to minimize splashing, and an optional sensor operated faucet. In addition, the front panel provides easy access to waste connections, stops, and strainers and the unit is ADA compliant when installed properly.

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